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"This is the moment" is the moment I fall in love with the show. I love episodes in dramatic shows that are really focused on one character, that almost don't belong to the same genre as the other episodes. In many ways, that was the issue with GOT season 8, because each episode was so much its own thing in terms of genre, when all first seasons had been all genres at once. But in Westworld, it really worked with the Pilote, S2E4 and S2E8. And here again, episode 6 and 8 are so specific in their storytelling. The question is can the finale make a great story of all these great episodes that are not that much linked, except by Angela.

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I have to say this show is so well edited. With Manhattans perception of time etc. EP8 was such a flawless episode and so easy to watch. Bravo :clap:

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I have now watched all 8 available episodes, but the ending of episode 7... :o
And hearing David Bowie's "Life on Mars" in the credits gave me a little tear :cry:
I'm soo ready for episode 9!

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ummmm idk

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Decent tie up. I liked the series for the most part, just not as much as some.
Dr. Manhattan/Calvin went to Old Man Reeves in the previous episode, because he wanted him to team up with Lady Trieu? So Reeves could help her find out the Calvin was actually Dr. Manhattan? Dr. Manhattan wanted to be killed?

Also, who was Lube Man?

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No complaints, great ending.

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I think I was fine with the ending but some scenes felt a little too long for my taste. Will need to rewatch it and see how I feel a second time but I am fairly confident that this will still be one of the best seasons I've ever seen on TV

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A perfect ending.

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