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Extraordinary. Just extraordinary.

And I thought the Dr. Manhattan birth sequence was iconic in the Snyder film.

And the ending

This show is amazing.

I do have one (technical) problem with the episode
The Dr. Manhattan CGI effects felt a little

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to me only the glowing but that's okay

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Jeez, that guy looks weird painted in blue. They should keep that glowing all the time. But it was a pretty cool episode. Manhattan is such a deep character. Btw, Angela swearing all the time LOL She's so badass

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Okay, so, holy shit, this was fucking amazing. The problem I had with the revelation at the end of Episode 7 was completely justified. This might be the best episode so far, and I have a ton to say about it, but I need to leave to work. I just wanted to say it out loud that Episode 8 was incredible.

edit: Just one thing I have to add, and more on this later: someone mentioned that it's just wonderful how one of the most poignant representations of a complex sci-fi / theoretical physics concept I've seen is also the most emotionally rich episode of this series. This is such a great achievement.

edit 2: ALSO, this quote:
- It was really nice talking to you. Definitely one of the more interesting conversations I've had, but I cannot get serious with someone if I know it's just gonna end in tragedy.
- By definition, don't all relationships end in tragedy?
- Yeah. Guess you have a point.
- Then will you have dinner with me tomorrow night?
I mean... fuck me.

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Will this be available on bluray? Cause I need it in some sort of physical form to worship at the altar.

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the disc should be all blue with a black circle in the center and a small half circle right on the edge
or gtfo

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Very interesting and impressive episode, the writing is too on the nose here and there but is also satisfying in a way as an alternate canon. Still struggling with this being done without Moore's approval. Sequel but unapproved sequel, so I guess this feels like fan fiction at times but of the highest caliber.

I was worried with how they would handle Dr Manhattan but they did it in a way that made sense thankfully. With Yahya playing the part, I was especially worried about his appearance considering that the comics are canon but they make it work.

His appearance is odd, dimmed down, he does really look like just like a guy painted in blue which is what it is, his glowy form doesn't look bad per se but it obviously can't compare to Snyder's version which is a huge VFX motion capture driven creation. (nor can any scene in the show).

The teleportation effect is disappointing, I feel they should have just taken inspiration from the film. The showdown was well done but I keep thinking the show should somehow imo feel more cinematic than it does?!

Anyway, Yahya is a fine Dr Manhattan/Jon Osterman but with Crudup's indelible performance in the back of my head, his voice and diction didn't feel right to me. Still quite a great episode, Jon's perception of time has also kind of always been hauntingly beautiful. What I imagine humans would perceive if we could step outside of ourselves.

@m4st4: most HBO shows are released on Blu Ray.

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Something I haven't seen mentioned so far is how Jeremy Irons shined in the scenes
where Dr. Manhattan explained him his Paradise on Europa. That whole Antarctic sequence was quite amazing.

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What Nicole Kassel and Stephen Williams in particular have achieved in this show is among the greatest directing feats of the decade, tv or movies. Wish one of them was directing the finale.

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So like I have nothing new to add to anyone’s reception to this episode. It’s fantastic.
Yahya Abdul-Mateen’s look did bother me a little. He looked off. The paint job looked cheap at times? The presence of pupils, his natural brows and the bald cap just looked more like an amateurish cosplay than an actual presentation of a character meant for something like HBO. It might have been a lack of budget (? idk? i doubt it?), or an artistic interpretation of the look, but it made me go a bit meh on what was actually a great performance coming from the actor himself. I get the bald cap if they shot it out of order, but at the very least brows are super easy to cover up lol
I can’t wait for the next episode. Might actually watch zaddy’s film this week.

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