Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

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EXCLUSIVE: Universal is huddling on a spinoff that will focus on the characters originated by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham and most recently seen in The Fate Of The Furious, sources said. The franchise architects have said they might broaden the universe with spinoffs, and source said this is the one they are pursuing. This is in early stages, but they’ve met on the concept, which sources said will be scripted by Chris Morgan, the chief writer of the series that is hitting new heights with the eighth installment. The idea is for Johnson’s US Diplomatic Security Agent Luke Hobbs to form an unlikely alliance with Statham’s Decker Shaw, for a movie that could conceivably be made while they are figuring the next Fast film. Johnson stepped into the franchise in Fast Five, and Statham established his in Fast & Furious 6. ... 202073677/
Was also previously reported that Vin cut a credits tag from F8 with Hobbs and Shaw. Guess that'll now be back in on the Blu-ray as part of the inevitable 'extended' edition.
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swift & spiteful?

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I'm game. They have good chemistry.

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I would have preferred to see a seperate Hobbs family spin-off, but I'll settle for this.

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if I had enough skill to draw a Shaw & Hobbs pic in the style of Calvin & Hobbes, I would, I promise you

also, just watch this get ruined by Vin Diesel's crankiness

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If they've already gone this far there's probably not too much he could do. Apparently the reason he objected to the tag that hinted at the spinoff in F8 is because it referred to his character as an idiot.

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I really wanted to see a Hobbs spin-off movie after Fast Five... but by now, they've completely botched his character. In Fast 8 he was just absurd. There was no excitment in his action scenes, just ridiculousness. The soccer coach was also cringeworthy. I liked him when he was Tommy Lee Jones with muscles and not this indestructible behemoth with a golden heart.

A tough as nails, no nonsense Hobbs is a film I'd much rather see.

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Stuff like this makes me question life.

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I'm all for this. Johnson and Statham were best part of F8 yo. Gosh, they've both come such a long way... I'm so proud of them.

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