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Aesthetically pleasing color block and interesting choice for a shot which emphasizes kid’s picture and de-personalizes the investigator? Idk.

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nice color balance between the green/beige on the wall and jacket and orange on the picture and tie. it nicely draws focus both to the body of the imposing officer and the subject, the boy in the photo.


Law wrote:
August 24th, 2019, 12:24 am
I'm on E6 and this is my favorite shot of the series so far
Can anyone tell me why this stands out so much to me? Vader? Solo? m4? Someone.. I had to rewind it.
because it's an emotional shot and you thrive on emotion

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black kids turn you on

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ChristNolan wrote:
August 24th, 2019, 11:13 am
black kids turn you on
is it because i forgot to add you :^/

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Just finished it. Not gonna lie, I felt a tad underwhelmed at first....but
I think that’s kind of what the audience is supposed to feel. Because it’s based on true shit and the real ending to the Atlanta murders is unsatisfying. That last shot though...holy creepy fuckin dollface Batman.
I need season 3 like yesterday.

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Manson and the Son of Sam interviews were pretty eerie but kinda riveting. The Atlanta murders was executed pretty well, very horrid and heart wrenching. I was kinda annoyed how Dr Carr was the only one relegated by a romance arc — Holden and Bill had big personal drama but also worked on cases. She was the standout for me in season 1.

I hope they delve into Ted Bundy next season.

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The ending of season 2 was amazing.

I know a lot of praise has been given to Fincher and Dominik and rightfully so, but Carl Franklin also did such a fantastic job.

Season 3 now please!

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correct ^

other than some of the Wendy and Bryan stuff this is overall a much stronger season. I wish they gave Wendy way more to do in the last third.
it's very jarring she's not even in the finale other than a couple of shots at the end


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I would have loved to see Wendy dissect Williams. Her insight would have given Ford and Tench a better argument.
I didn't really mind the Brian arc too much
It certainly fleshed out Tench's character more and gave more emotional resonance in the interview with Manson whenever Manson says "your children." His discomfort also came up during the FBI ass kissing scenes too. Also probably highlights how much of an absent father he is. He studies what makes killers all the time but he is potentionally missing it under his own roof.

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