BBC's His Dark Materials

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I'm not very pumped to finish watching this tbh... It's one of the more frustrating shows this year.

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They say finale was truly epic.

I'll watch the entire show soonish, Watchmen and Witcher got me.

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hmm k

might give it a go

got three eps to watch

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I'm in the same boat. I have the last two episodes on my DVR, but I can't muster up the interest to watch'em. The show just never grabbed me.

Usually I think shows like these spend too much time on world building, but this one could of done some more. I'm still no totally sure what "dust" is, and what the "magisterium" is and how it functions/came to power in the world the story is telling. Also, could use a little more background/development on these"witches" flying around in the last episode I watched.

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I have some issues with this show, but that was a strong finale.

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Ugh idk how I feel about this show. Something just feels so off about it, like the way they try to hide and reveal the mythology is very frustrating. I really think Jack Thorne should not come back to write S2.

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