Star Wars Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

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Fact is, Star Wars never properly left since The Phantom Menace made its cinematic debut. Since then we had the end of the Prequel series, the Clone wars animated movie, the Clone Wars tv show, the Rebels tv show, the Sequel trilogy, the stand-alone films, the Mandalorian, etc. It's not even nostalgia lol. It's just affirmation of people liking the stuff that they like watching currently. The comics also never went away either. If you actually left Star Wars alone for 50 years and then came back to it I'd say there would be room to say we needed more of this but as it stands I'm sick of Star Wars and its limited and tiny universe. This was never like going through your box of old toys, more like picking up the toy you left lying around your room 3 days ago and pretending that it was an eternity since you last saw it.

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