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Yay for Turturro but lol at more fucking Falcone.

I guess the reports of a Long Halloween adaptation were true.

Way to break new ground Reeves.

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Batfan175 wrote:
November 15th, 2019, 5:48 pm
Master Virgo wrote:
November 15th, 2019, 11:36 am
The balancing was kind of the problem. Bane and Talia each lack the crucial ingredient that the other one has been given, and as the result neither manages to become a fully fledged villainous presence that the previous two films had.

Bane is the one who gets to show off with all the great moments and speeches, but it's Talia who's supposed to be the special one with the main agency.

All for the sake of a twist that doesn't serve any particular purpose to the story other than to prolong the third act a little bit further.

It's very clearly a one villain story that has been redesigned to have two instead, and both are consequently lesser villains than that single one who could have been.
The twist does not just prolong the third act, it recontextualises every interaction that Bruce and Miranda previously had. She even walks into the stock exchange right before Bane enters it and most people didn't even notice.

You're saying she had all of the agency but Bane specifically defied her last request to let Batman live because he realised that if he did not kill him, Batman might try to ruin everything. I think it is more interesting to have multiple villains that are on equal footing because they also function as a twisted reflection of the Bruce/Rachel relationship.

It also serves as a great reminder of who Bruce Wayne was when he tried to murder Joe Chill in Batman Begins. When Batman is facing Talia, he's essentially confronting a different version of himself, except that now he's in Joe Chill's shoes, since he is responsible for the death of Talia's father.

What I'm saying is that I don't even agree that the Talia reveal is clumsy because it builds on the central themes of the trilogy.
You know a movie’s good when haters cling to one or two minor points and can’t even maintain a coherent argument for them.

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Don't want to be a jerk, but there's a whole forum to debate "The Dark Knight Rises"

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nolannolanchrischris wrote:
November 22nd, 2019, 6:18 pm
John Turturro cast as Carmine Falcone ... 8125393920
Exciting addition! Turturro is amazing

As for doing something new with The Long Halloween, Nolan didn't incorporate Carmine being fixed up by Thomas at Wayne Mansion when Bruce was a little boy. And if I recall correctly, Carmine wasn't portrayed as being a friend of Bruce in Batman Begins, just an enemy of Batman. It would be interesting if Reeves uses Carmine more with the Waynes. Turturro is a great actor, I hope we'll see more of him in potential sequels already :batman:

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And in that he would be the second actor after Mark Strong to have played two DC villains.

He's also the forth member of the cast to have already appeared in other superhero films. Lol

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Almost as if they're actors! :P

Sarsgaard is an interesting addition, I don't know why there's secrecy as to his role... Dent is one of the most well known Batman characters/villains. Maybe he's playing Calender Man if Reeves sticks close to The Long Halloween? Would be nice to get some unadapted villains to the screen with this one.

edit: lol I think this holds enough clues that he's Two-Face in this lol or Hugo Strange

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Yeah I would love to see some villains that haven't shown up on screen before...

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Ain't gonna see no unadapted villains showin up on the big screen any time soon if this is the direction the films are going in. Seems like Reeves is more interested in "same old same old" than "new and different".

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How is it going to be 'same old same old'? I don't think Dano is going to challenge his inner Carey/Riddler for his performance for instance lol

While I would also like to see more batman characters which we haven't seen on film before, I'm all for reinventions. Riddler needs some redemption for sure lol

I mean, maybe in the sequel or the next Reeves might tackle his vision for the Joker. Would that be 'same old same old' too? Look at Phoenix' Joker, Ledger was incredible but the characters are so rich there's so much to explore.

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