The Batman (2021)

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Be careful Teddy and Nomis might give you warnings for saying stuff like this.

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I’d never let them hurt our precious Keith!

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On topic please

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I can't believe there's a new Batman coming and I'm not excited about it at all

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Pattinson, Reeves, Wright and Hill are not the names that are going to make me run and see the new Batman movie. I think bigger stars might be hesitant to work on a prominent films like Batman and with DC, knowing their track-record so far has been rather poor. That's why Hill wants 10 million because he can ask for it in the state that DC and Batman is right now. Not that he deserves this much, nobody does anymore (other than when renegotiating with an actor playing a famous part a'la RDJ or Evans).

However, these are not bad names. Reeves is no Nolan, his Apes movies were good but not great, but it is an improvement over Snyder and if he can make a satisfying Batman movie that's enough in my books. I don't need another masterpiece like TDK trilogy, a good film will suffice. As for Pattinson, the jury is still out on whether he can handle the physicality of the role (I still remember his spray-painted abs in Twilight) but he's a good enough actor for the role. Again, he's not Bale but he is talented in his own right.

Wright and Hill are again solid choices. Hill is a bit out of the box for Riddler but we know many examples of comedians being excellent in roles of psychopaths. Wright is probably the best casting thus far. You couldn't get more perfect than Gary Oldman for their part so it's good that they tried something a bit new. Maybe it will connect to a black Barbara Gordon as well (personally I hope she's not in the film, I don't like the sidekicks). He definitely suits a detective type story.

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Wright is also a great pick for Gordon. Hill sounds interesting as the Riddler, more so because of his talent rather than the character imo. I'm not the biggest fan of the Riddler, there's like only only version from the comics I do like; where he aids the police.

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I see all the comments regarding this or that casting news, "Hill would be the perfect Riddler/Penguin/Mr Freeze/etc.", "this actress would be the perfect Catwoman", but I feel that until we don't know anything about their approach in regards to the characters, we can't really judge the casting news... can we? I remember being utterly disappointed by Ledger being cast as the Joker, because I was expecting someone like Robin Williams to do it, so... anyway, just wanted to express that it's weird for me to judge the casting news for a film we know almost nothing about.

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Nomis wrote:
September 25th, 2019, 5:03 am
I'm not the biggest fan of the Riddler, there's like only only version from the comics I do like; where he aids the police.
The Riddler is a relatively minor villain in the comic books. It's only because of the 60s tv series and Frank Gorshin that he became as popular as he is.

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Yeah that's true. I hope Reeves utilizes him well in the film. Given that it's a murder mystery, Riddler could just as well be the mastermind lol but Calendar Man would be interesting too, hasn't been in the feature films either.

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