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Pratham wrote:
September 9th, 2019, 2:40 am
hey law, any input about average age of police commissioners in usa?
Most chiefs in NJ are over 60yoa. But theres definitely a few that trickle between the ages of 35-45yoa

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danke :thumbup:

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In regards to recent rumor...
I'd be real giddy if there is the highly predictable twist that all the "mysterious murders" are really Joaquin's Joker
I know it's not gonna happen but damn I'd poop myself.

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Vader182 wrote:
September 8th, 2019, 6:58 pm
thing is, who cares how old is who or who in the comics vs other movies?

this isn't a dig at Bacon, he's just citing that there's precedent here, which is a constructive thing to point out

it's just... why can't filmmakers reinvent things as they see fit with the same freedoms we afford authors of comics?

It doesn't matter, it's just a fun coincidence Ali will be the same age as Oldman in 2021 as Oldman was in Begins.

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Would have been such a dream if they would cast Dafoe as RPatz' Joker. The guy was born to do that role and their chemistry seems to be off the charts in The Lighthouse.

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Dafoe is always good so of course he'd make a great Joker

I hope Reeves will wait a while with using his version of the Joker.

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Can we hit the pause button with the Joker for like 10 years and use some of the other batman villains for a change? How about Hugo Strange or Poison Ivy? I'd be like 10 times more interested.

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The structure of Batman investigating a crime while interacting with a lot of the Rogue's Gallery is obviously not there in TDK, which I'm guessing is the foundation of this given casting rumors. I'm pumped if true.


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