Justice League (2017)

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Pratham wrote:
April 4th, 2019, 2:27 am
Cilogy wrote:
April 3rd, 2019, 9:39 am
Pratham you haven't seen this?

tell us, how does it feel to be happy?
I have felt like downloading rips of this and Suicide Squad, just to see how bad everything is.
I think SS comes down to very poor editing. If that film had been polished it probably would have been better.

With JL, it's marginally better than BvS, but I will say you have to see it to believe it.

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JL better than BvS?

SS’s errors come down to editing only?

Shoot me in the face and leave me in the dirt please.

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To me, SS was fun. I just disliked the Enchantress (the dance was just.. what was that?). And I dislike the way they approached the Joker - they were trying way too hard.
One more more I didn't like is how they crammed so many songs in there. Maybe a darker tone (using Price's incredible score) would've worked better.

The issues with SS are mainly the creative choices they went with but JL is just embarrassing. Creative choices and technical issues that just make me angry and for what? for stupid jokes. I cannot imagine that what Snyder was shoot was so terrible they had to do all of those re-shoot. Can't imagine it being worse than what we got.

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So there are quite some pics and whatnot about Snyder's version, even more than I thought there would be lol

I wonder if WB will actually release it, I mean, anything to wash away whatever the fuck the films result is lol

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Man, nerds are really going to cyberbully a film studio owned by a powerful telecommunications company to release a cut of this film that may or may not be awful.

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I don’t care if it’s awful I wanna see Snyder’s vision, how bad can it be compared to the abomination that’s the theatrical cut? But obviously we know he had a different plan which was changed at the writing stage so...

But the Snyder’s cut klan is overdoing it, gosh! Look at Junkie XL’s latest Tweet. He’s releasing his own brass library for composers and all the replies are about Snyder’s cut :facepalm:
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Artemis wrote:
November 17th, 2019, 5:49 pm
Man, nerds are really going to cyberbully a film studio owned by a powerful telecommunications company to release a cut of this film that may or may not be awful.
With a much higher chance of it being awful

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I mean, Momoa said he's seen it I mean lol

I don't care if the end result is still bad, I just want to see what it would've been if Snyder got to finish it. Not whatever the fuck Whedon made of it, which was an abomination indeed.

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my god twitter is completely unusable


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There is no finished version of Snyders cut,

WB is not going to release a cut that isn't finished,

And they're not stupid enough to spend millions and millions of dollars to actually finish it.

Especially since it's going to suck major fucking ass.

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