What Was the Last Episode of TV You Watched

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Getting through The Expanse is becoming a real slog; the most unexceptional show I've probably seen. One positive is that I'll get to see David Strathairn soon, and hope he will lively up the show.

EDIT: I may have been a bit impatient; season 3 is kicking ass so far. And I have not yet even seen David Strathairn.
On a side note, it's uncanny how this show resembles Billions in terms of how they progressed quality-wise - Billions season 3 was also on another level compared to its previous seasons.

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Top Boy (Season 2)

I watched it with my mom who barely understands English but Top Boy got her changing her vocab. She replaced calling me “habibi” with “bruv” and she won’t stop using the other slangs. I'm shook.

I am so hyped to start season 3. Everyone I know keeps talking about how great the new season is.

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Watched season 2 episodes of Disenchanted. Overall, the show is pretty average and not really all that funny, though the setting and the animation are enjoyable for what they are.

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