163 Minutes of Time to Die (2020)

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Bacon wrote:
January 13th, 2020, 7:34 pm
Oh yeah I know Yorke digs her because his daughter likes her.

Doesn't mean I do, and it doesn't mean I think she's a good choice for a Bond song.
She can't be much worse than the last time round and who is a good choice for a Bond song?

Personally I would have wanted The Arctic Monkeys for Craig's swansong.

It is all subjective, they passed on Portishead, Massive Attack and Depeche Mode in the 90s who would have been perfect.

Though I'm glad one of my favourite band isn't attached to the worst Bond film of all time they also had the chance to have Radiohead with a killer song and vetoed it due to not being eligible for an Academy award.

To be honest this is the aspect I'm willing to accept isn't going to be to my liking due to the commercial aspect of the promotion of the film.

They are trying to tap into a market that isn't necessarily a definite to go and see the film, Eilish is hot right now but it isn't what I would call easy on the ear.

Like I said we'll see, I've heard from a reliable source this was recorded at Air Studios a few weeks back and Zimmer has been sighted there as well.

It won't mean much to some as I imagine your interest in Bond isn't intense as mine but the idea of a main title theme weaved into the score isn't something we've seen since Casino Royale.

This was something that John Barry was so adept at but after he left it became a rarity.

Eilish for me is the unknown factor but now Zimmer is confirmed and all the other pieces of this production, casting, crew and creative elements. I think this is going to be a winner and no the script isn't going to be shit with the talent utilised.

Purvis & Wade's input will merely an outline by the time the output of Cary F, Burns and Waller Bridge have contributed.

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She'll probably win an Oscar next year

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Aight, I'm sure she'll do a great job. I mean, I'm not a fan of Adele's or Smith's music either but Adele's song was great and Smith was imo okay lol

Of the Craig era, Cornell's song is still the absolute best. I hope the intro credits' visuals will be more along the lines of Casino Royale's, I thought the exclusion of nude female silhouettes was a good idea.

It's also so weird that NTTD is being released in less than three months from now lol I'm all but used to a Bond film being released in the first half of the year. Going to finish reading Casino Royale soon and then start the Craig/Bond rewatch. I also read that the 4K of Spectre looks a lot better than the blu-ray thanks to the HDR, the insane ambient tone is a lot more subdued. Anybody here saw it in 4K/HDR?

Besides, is NTTD even finished in 4K? If so then that means some theaters in my country will screen it in 4K and considering the digital IMAX theaters finally got Laser projection, then that's going to be 4K screening too (I mean right? lol). Fingers crossed they have more than half an hour of IMAX footage in this.

Also yes I can feel the hype :P

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You Know My Name is undoubtedly the best theme of the era, Arnold and Cornell got it just right, every time I hear it from the first time in 2006 in the cinema right up till my recent viewing of my 4K box set it puts hairs on the back of my neck.

White's song was just a case of not enough time, nowhere the amount others got, he was drafted in very much late in the process because the proposed Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson song fell to pieces.

It was probably a case that EON knew White being such a prolific song writer would deliver, he did of sorts but stunk of a rushed job and I think the Keyes duet was ill advised.

White should have recorded it with the Raconteurs, he was putting out stuff far superior around that time on their magnificent Consolers of the Lonely album.

Adele's song sounds great on the credits but it doesn't exactly live outside of that, it is a dirge and certainly would play like the classic Barry songs on the radio independent of the film.

Or Nobody Does it Better for instance and absolute cracker of a song, recognised as a Bond but a brilliant song on it's own period.

Adele had produced far more dynamic songs previous, as for Smith I hate the song, it is awful and still see at as the worst song of the series. Smith was never right for Bond.

Eilish will have to be pretty awful to top that monstrosity, I know very reliable sources that confirm she only recorded this a matter of weeks ago at Air Studios and that presents the possibility of Hans Zimmer incorporating it into his score.

The hype train is really starting now, I'm not a comic book man so most of the time blockbusters leave me cold and Star Wars just doesn't grab me like it used to.

Though having this and then a matter of months later Tenet, which I saw the prologue for in IMAX at my TROS screening makes this year quite a rarity where they'll be 2 blockbusters I will be anticipating big time.

April 3rd (when I'll see it) can't get here any quicker.

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The No Time To Die title song will be performed by Billie Eilish. Billie has written the song with her brother @finneas and is the youngest artist in history to write and record a James Bond theme song.


Billie Eilish will perform the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die. The 18-year-old multi-platinum selling and GRAMMY® Award nominated singer has written the title song with her elder brother; fellow multi GRAMMY® Award nominated FINNEAS. Billie Eilish is the youngest artist in history to write and record a James Bond theme song.

“We are excited to announce that Billie and FINNEAS have written an incredibly powerful and moving song for No Time To Die, which has been impeccably crafted to work within the emotional story of the film,” said producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

Eilish said, “It feels crazy to be a part of this in every way. To be able to score the theme song to a film that is part of such a legendary series is a huge honour. James Bond is the coolest film franchise ever to exist. I’m still in shock”. FINNEAS adds, “Writing the theme song for a Bond film is something we’ve been dreaming about doing our entire lives. There is no more iconic pairing of music and cinema than the likes of Goldfinger and Live And Let Die. We feel so so lucky to play a small role in such a legendary franchise, long live 007.”

“There are a chosen few who record a Bond theme. I am a huge fan of Billie and FINNEAS. Their creative integrity and talent are second to none and I cannot wait for audiences to hear what they’ve brought – a fresh new perspective whose vocals will echo for generations to come,” said Cary Joji Fukunaga.
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Sooo glad Billie got this. Hoping for an inventive but catchy enough sound.

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Jesus, this is the most expensive Bond movie ever. Spectre's budget was supposedly super inflated due to the chaotic production, but this is is 5 million more at a total 250 million.

Wonder if the shooting delays due to Craig's injury are partly why.


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