Fantastic Four (2015)

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Fox has officially set Chronicle helmer Josh Trank to direct the reboot of Fantastic Four, and the film will be the next Marvel property to be slated for production and dated for release by the studio. Fantastic Four, which will include a new cast, falls into line after The Wolverine sequel that starts production shortly, and the Matthew Vaughn-directed X-Men: First Class, which is also on a fast track. After Trank’s breakthrough with the Fox sleeper hit Chronicle he has been offered everything and attached himself to several projects. But I’m told that Fox expects Fantastic Four to be the next film he directs.
Hmm. My hatred of Fox and how they've handled this franchise so far is counteracted for how awesome Chronicle is. If Fox STAYS OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY FOR ONCE then this might actually be watchable.

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Why is this nesseasary? JEEBUZ

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Basically Fox wants to keep the rights. It sucks.

At least they got someone with talent to do it.

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I can't take these characters seriously. I cunt do it.

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Hell anyone's better than the director of "Barbershop"!

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Oh dear.

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Fantastic Four just doesn't work as a movie.
I've read quite a bit of thier comics. It just DOESN'T WORK.

I'm sure he'll come up with something interesting... but it won't be great.

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I only hope they make a better and more interesting characterization for Doctor Doom. He was so wasted in Tim Story's films.

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Doom appears to be the only element of this franchise which can work in a film. The Fantastic 4 films are just basically super-expensive Sit-Coms. Good way to waste the money...

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